Glass In My Food Lawsuit

Foreign objects could appear in a burger a taco a slice of pizza or even a cup of orange juice. I took a picture of the glass and he gave us our meals.

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Yes you can theoretically sue for finding glass in your food but the question really comes down to how much its worth.

Glass in my food lawsuit. I called the resteraunt and told the manager. Lacerations may occur if there are sharp objects in the food. I am not hurt but wonder if there is any action I can take since I could have damaged a tooth or maybe worse.

In that circumstance you may like to consult your doctor. This is an item or object that you would not reasonably expect to be in the food or meal. On the other hand if you indeed suffered internal or other injuries after consuming the food then yes you can and probably should strongly consider bring a defective products lawsuit.

This is different if you can demonstrate that the glass perforated your throat or stomach or chipped a tooth. Absolutely you can sue them. Food Poisoning Lawsuit – What You Must Prove.

I am chewing and I find a piece of shattered glass in my food. Later that day my tooth starts to hurt. A customer that was served shards of glass in a McChicken burger at a Chicago McDonalds sued for 600000.

Vjollca Lecaj claims that a Chicago McDonalds served her a sandwich with an extra ingredient. While these foreign objects are more likely to appear in fast food chains they can also show up in traditional sit-down restaurants as well. Just because you came across something wrong doesnt mean you incurred any damages from it.

You may file personal injury claims for hurting your tooth and tort claims for negligence restaurants are held to higher standards of care which has been breached in this case. 50000 Vjolla Lecaj is pursuing 50000 in damages from McDonalds after biting into a spicy chicken sandwich that contained shards of glass. I found glass in my fries.

However you should eat bananaspotatoes and drink plenty of fluids. Tiny pieces of glass will sometimes pass through the gut and intestines without incidence. You can sue for up to 7500 and you dont have to share the recovery if any with a lawyer.

Glass in my food. Still on a safer side you can watch for any pain abdomenvomitingblood in stools in next 12- 48 hours. The manager asked if.

Pieces of broken glass. You admitted in the question there are no physical injuries so why would you want to sue. If you have little or no injury physical or emotional then when you ask a lawyer to represent you it is not likely youll find too many who will take your case on because they earn a percentage of what is recovered in your case.

Please note that this answer is not legal advise. I would advise against it though some lawyer might be willing to open a file on you its your dime and their time. If you are intent on pursuing compensation for this it is at best a small claims action.

He apologized and offered a free meal. Since there was no serious injury they would not be inclined to awardyou a settlement for just finding a piece of glass in your food item. No finding glass in your food by itself is not a good case.

If the glass is big or sharp enough to hurt you you will know. You have to also show damages. I was at restaurant eating and I bit into a piece of glass a little less than an inch long.

Question is why did you ingest glass. McGlass sandwich Cost. Antibiotics will treat most infections resulting from any cuts or tears.

Some objects that could end up in your food include. It will be painful cramping blood in the stool and possibly fever. I did not accept.

She has filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit court against the worlds biggest fast food chain CBSWBBM reports. Death is neither immediate nor likely unless you have ingested large quantities or pieces. She claimed that biting into the glass caused her severe and permanent oral injuries as well as great pain and anguish One of the most famous English cases on this subject is Donoghue v Stevenson 1932 also known as the.

Anyone can sue anyone else. Other objects are undeniably foreign objects such as glass screws nails pebbles plastic wood rocks and more. I called for our waitress and she notified the acting manager.

This may result in cuts in the mouth or throat. Some of the most common examples of foreign objects that can be found in food or meals include but may not be limited to. I called back and reported this to the manager on duty.

None of these things are quite edible but sometimes you are subjected to tiny bits in your food. If someone else put the glass in your food and you claim it was the. According to injury laws a foreign object in food refers to when a person discovers an object in their food or meal.

If there is a hard object in the food such as a tooth glass or bone a person may suffer a physical injury such as injuries to their mouth teeth or gums. So I goto McDonalds Palmer Ma and buy a 1 biscuit sausage. They also made an incident report.

If I Sue Because There is Glass in My Food is that a Frivolous Lawsuit. But if you were not injured why not just ask the restaurant to pay for your. Filing a suit costs money and you risk being found out as a fraud trying to make a claim where there isnt one.

If you put glass in your food and then claim that it is the restaurants fault. If you find glass in your food before you eat it and there are no injuries.

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