Fatty Foods and Alcoholic Drinks can Increase Uric Acid in Gout

For many people diagnosed with gout problem, the effective treatment procedures can seem to be limited. Usually, doctors are offering prescribed medications, but some of these drugs come up with a variety of undesirable effects and do not guarantee longer relief. There are times that some medicines can help control the pain and swelling, yet a person suffering from gout needs a long-term solution to eliminate the pain permanently.

Many people who are suffering from this kind of illness are asking the question, can the pain they experience is still preventable? Well, this is a very common question for those who are not familiar to this kind of health condition because of their current diagnosis only. While there is no proven cure for gout, it is important to determine the exact preventative measures to help reduce the symptoms and enjoy a gout-free way of life.

To make sure the level of uric acid crystals does not goes high, it is very important to consider a healthy dieting plan. An affected individual must learn how to choose the best food items that does not trigger extreme production of uric acid.  In most cases, excessive uric acid occurs due to the breakdown of Purines. To avoid this kind of condition, proper dieting is essential by not eating foods that are higher with this type of substance.

Some of the commonest foods that may contain this type of substance include organ meats like kidney, liver, red meat, fish such as tuna, anchovies, mackerel and sardines. It is important also to determine the potential fatty foods effects on gout. When it comes to the available dairy products, one can easily use the Internet in checking the exact dairy products that present higher level of Purine counts to avoid them. Fortunately, there are research studies that reveal some dairy foods can actually help in reducing the development of this particular disease.

Although regular exercises or walks during the onset of a painful flare can be agonizing and not recommended, it is still important for a sufferer to execute minor activity. This is an effective way to control the symptoms and increase the effectiveness of natural treatment. It is not necessary to perform strenuous exercises because a patient only needs moderate exercising such as watering the plants, walking or minor stretching can definitely help reduce the stiffness of the joints and increase the strength of the body.

However, it is important to learn that if the affected part is inflamed already, a sufferer needs to visit a doctor who can provide Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs).

Changing lifestyle can also contribute in helping an affected person to reduce the severity of the pain and prevent the symptoms. Aside from preventing foods that can trigger other health issues, determining the alcohol effect on gout is likewise necessary. Excessive intake of alcohol can greatly increases the risk of higher level of uric acid and a sufferer must stop drinking alcoholic beverages, especially beer.

Some of the available alcoholic drinks such as wine also are popular contributor of an increased uric acidic level inside the body. Some people are heavy alcohol drinkers and they are very prone to the risk of suffering from gout problems. Genetic issue is another factor that can easily cause this type of annoying illness. Medical doctors say that this kind of illness can affect one generation to another in the same family unit. In addition, it is best for a suffering individual to stop cigarette smoking to keep the joints healthy because of preventing stress due to cigarette.





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