Why Pregnant Women Needs Proper Treatment for Toothache?

Toothache during pregnancy needs proper care and must not be taken for granted. Usually, many pregnant women simply overlook the risk of having toothache that sometimes run for a longer period. This happens because they think a decision to seek for the right treatment and medication can be harmful to the health of the baby.

This kind of heedlessness can be pointless in causing stress build up and the pain affects not only the mother, but also the new baby inside the womb. Certainly, a painful toothache pain is not bearable and more often than not, it triggers intense pain during nighttime.

Medical experts believe that Insomnia is one of the main culprits of this kind of pain sensation.

When the pressure in the neck as well as jaw area becomes from piercing, this is usually the most persistent pain to experience by a pregnant mother. It is possible to find and use some available First Aid remedies to eliminate severe toothache and safer for pregnant women, which they consider proven alternative medicines to use when necessary.

  • Combining rock salt and lukewarm water

To help ease the pain quickly, combining a teaspoon of rock salt and at least 8-ounce of lukewarm water can be an effective remedy. A pregnant mom simply needs to gargle the mixture and focusing on the affected area.

  • Using ice pack to reduce the pain

This is another helpful solution by just placing an ice pack on the jaw and compressing it gently. It is important for the sufferer to lie down slightly inclined to help in decreasing the pressure.

If ever pain becomes persistent for several nights after using these natural remedies, a pregnant mother should not delay visiting her dentist for proper check up and solution. It is important to learn that there are different causes of toothache, which include a decaying tooth or cavity.

Another issue is an abscess in the decayed tooth that can quickly cause inflammation and infection. This problem immediately affects the gum area and so an abscess needs proper treatment because it might cause heart ailments if left untreated.

A mother who is about to give birth and experiencing toothache could also experience an impacted wisdom tooth. Without proper medication or treatment, it will continue to trigger serious pain and dangerous later on. It is actually a falsehood that some dentists are failing to cure to pregnant women, especially if they need to undergo a tooth X-Ray.

It is necessary to understand that there are still existing lead-lined aprons to protect the baby in the womb against radiation. As for those who have cavities requiring proper fillings, some dentists perform mercury-free fillings that a pregnant mom can request.

It is very important for many pregnant women to prevent stress, get the right amount of sleep, proper relaxation and stay clear from unnecessary pains before giving birth to a healthy child. An immediate trip to a trusted dentist should not cost much and must provide the best treatment care to avoid having sleepless nights again caused by a painful toothache.

Lastly, pregnant women need to prioritize their exact health and their babies when thinking about solutions for an aching tooth.



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