Potential Health Risks of Smoking Cigarette

Potential Health Risks of Smoking Cigarette

The potential health risks of smoking cigarette can seriously damage your overall body. With the uncontrolled toxins present in each cigarette you smoke, doing this kind of bad habit regularly is comparable to living in a continual acidic rain.

The toxins or harmful chemicals you inhale from a cigarette plays a huge role in damaging your body system and smoking is a severe cause of various health problems.

Of course, it is not only you who taking the risk because of smoking because you also affect those around you. Remember that inhaling secondhand smoke is even dangerous and you are clearly exposes your loved ones to different complications or health issues.

Here are some medical complications or risks that can manifest:

Stroke – cigarette smoking has serious effect on the blood arteries that supply blood going to the brain and when a person smokes, it causes the arteries to harden. If this happens, it is putting the body at risk of getting stroke. According to the shared data from some medical experts, smokers are most likely to develop strokes as opposed to those who do not smoke.

Heart Attack – the chance of getting heart attack can increase considerably if you continue to smoke. Sadly, there really is not any safe method if you continuously smoking cigarettes every day and the more you smoke, the more chances you will have a heart problem.

Cigarette smoking is actually a factor when talking about Coronary Heart Disease and as one of the millions of smokers out there, you might be increasing the chance to suffer from a heart attack if you do not quit. This kind of bad habit can as well increase your cholesterol levels and this has something to do with the other heart-related issues.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – for most men out there who smoke cigarette and thinking that this unhealthy habit is very masculine, you ought to be thinking about the adverse reaction to your body. Based on some proven clinical tests about smoking, it can as well have a connection to erectile dysfunction (ED) and there are recent reports showing clear incidences of impotence to those long-time smokers.

The nicotine in the cigarette may act as a vasoconstrictor and it easily constricts the blood vessels as well as the arteries, which then impede the normal blood flow. Considering the exact basis of an erection is through the blood filled up in the penis to erect, the abnormal flowing of the blood will immediately result to unsatisfactory erection and this affect the relationship of the couple somehow.

It is important to learn that the nicotine can likewise trigger abnormal levels of testosterone and since the testosterone serve as the most vital sex hormone of a male, dropping the levels means reducing the sexual desire of the affected person.

Lastly, a smoker is also likely to have 5 times chances of developing an abdominal aortic aneurysm if the habit is continuous for many years.




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