Some Effective Natural Warts Removal

Warts are actually group of dark brown lesions appearing on the skin caused by potential bacteria or viruses. They usually appear on different parts of the body such as on fingers, hands, neck or in other part. If they spread uncontrollably, the lesions look frustrating and in different sizes too.

For severe wart, you may experience persistent discomfort and bleeding if left untreated. To help prevent this kind of discomfort, there are existing natural solutions for wart removal at home.

The following are some of the most trusted natural solutions: 

Rice Vinegar and Epsom Salt

This kind of natural remedy for warts is helpful when the lesions are developing on the feet. By simply mixing prepare few drops of rice vinegar and about ¼ cup of Epsom salt into ½ liter of hot water, and then mixing both substances gently, you can soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. For best result, repeat the process every morning and before going to bed for at least a week. 

Olive Oil and Garlic

You can also create effective herbal oil by combining 3-4 grated garlic cloves and a few drops of olive oil. After preparing and mixing properly, refrigerate overnight before you strain the grated garlic. When ready, you can apply some oil on the affected skin areas with warts and cover them with clean bandages for overnight. Remember to repeat the process for one week to achieve best result and remove the warts naturally. 

Salicylic Acid

You can easily find and buy salicylic acid in both gel and cream form. If ever you have warts, it is not difficult to consider this option as part of your complete medicine cabinet at home. Because this is one of the most effective natural wart removers, even some dermatologists acknowledge this benefit. When applying salicylic acid on the affected body parts, be sure to follow the right amount by reading the product label. This approach is important to stop possible skin irritation and other related skin health problems.

Banana Peel

This is one of the most popular traditional home solutions to remove warts without costly medication. The process is easier because you need to wrap the warts using the banana peel (inner portion) and let it stay for from night to morning. You can decide to repeat the process daily until the warts begin to disappear on the affect skin areas.

There are just a few best home remedies to eliminate warts without spending huge amount of money. If you can prevent the bacteria or viruses that caused the main problem, you can live a healthier lifestyle again. It is very important to learn the exact process when using any of these mentioned natural cures. Lastly, eat the right kinds of foods and choose the best food supplements to avoid such disturbing skin problems.


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