Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction to Save a Relationship

Many relationships suffer because of a disease that strikes men. This is what they recognize as erectile dysfunction (ED), which is the inability to obtain the right erection for satisfying sexual activity. Men with this problem are at risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and worst is death at early age.

Erectile dysfunction challenges the whole relationship of both people with intimate connection.   This disease is most common in men over 65, but it occurs at any age lately. Of course, men with this problem can do many things  to save a relationship.  Do not worry because there is good news for those who have erectile dysfunction. At any age, it is now treatable. There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction, which includes psychotherapy, medicinal drugs, vacuum devices and surgical procedure.

Majority of the physicians educate their patients about the real sexual expectations.  By this approach, they can help to prevent many people to misuse or overuse of those remarkable medications. Some patients may not know that some treatments will undergo for a long evaluation and testing process. Some persons who have erectile dysfunctions do not involve their partner in the discussion with their physician. However, the partner must know about this matter. Although some partner refuses to listen about this topic, they must try to be involved to help their partner. You must understand your partner because without your emotional support the treatment will not work.

If you have erectile dysfunction, the treatment that you will receive depends on the underlying cause of the condition. Prevention is one of the best treatments that you can do lessen the results of this disease. Many factors increase the risk of erectile dysfunction such as stress, alcohol, tobacco and depression. Therefore, you must take enough time to sleep, avoid smoking and drinking any types of alcoholic drinks and do not stress yourself to avoid this risk.

Performing a surgery is only for those who have worst cases of erectile dysfunction. An alternative solution as well as helping to improve your ED is by changing your lifestyle and improving your general health. There are many successful treatments to improve the quality of life. Sexual health and its function are important in marriage life. Thus, one must remember that the sexual partner plays the integral role.

For the sake of your relationship, you must support your partner who had erectile dysfunction. By dealing together, both of you can address the problems with self-esteem and mutual trust. This can help to enrich your relationship and make it stronger. Men with erectile dysfunction need a lot of emotional support from their partners. This is to prevent two people in a relationship from totally separating not only physically but also emotionally. Thus, they must remove their sexual gap.

Lastly, counseling is advice if the underlying cause of your ED is psychological. It is for you to help save the marriage.


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