Clinics in the US Sells Direct Steam Cell Treatments, Researchers Alarmed

From the revealed news information online, hundreds of clinics in the United States are selling stem cell treatments without proper approval. These clinics are offering their treatment products directly to their patients and this situation bothers many researchers in America.

According to the news of the AFP, there are about hundreds of operating clinics in the US that are selling stem cell treatments even without the approval of the FDA. They offer their treatment products directly to their patients or clients.

On this situation, many researchers in America showed their concern because the possibility of defrauding these types of treatments is there and it can harm many people later on.

From the Cell Stem Cell’s journal report, about 351 clinics (113 in California, 104 in Florida and 71 in Texas) all over the United States market stem cell treatments to their patients without the consent of the US health department.

These reported clinics are offering their products and then claiming to help in treating health problem, muscle problem, spinal cord injury and even claiming to improve the immune system, the AFP news added.

From the point of view of the researchers, the exact results of the stem cell treatments still need to evaluation of the health department and it is not right for these clinics to offer them to their patients directly.

According to Paul Knoepfler, it is now possible for every state in America to have stem cell treatment even through local clinics.

Knoepfler is the co-author from the University of California, Davis, and Shriners Hospital For Children.

Even though the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) approved the use of stem cell in treating Leukemia (commonly for bone marrow transplant), this approval does not permit illegal market of stem cell treatments directly to patients, the researchers states.

The International Society for Stem Cell Research likewise stated that although some of the stem cell treatments show promising results, they still consider them under experimental stages.


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